Service-Learning & Civic Engagement

UNIV 1010 Community Engagement Module

Pre-Activity: Before reading or viewing anything related to community engagement, define what you think “community engagement” is in 100 words or fewer.


  1. Read one article posted on the CEC web site (e.g., an excerpt from The Soul of a Citizen, or Clayton Christensen, “How Will You Measure Your Life?,” or something about service-learning)
    • Articles listed here
  2. Watch videos about service-learning and community engagement at the CEC web site, Facebook, and Blog pages
    • Videos listed here
  3. Explore the CEC web site to find out more about Service-Learning Courses
    • Courses listed here
  4. Explore the CEC web site to learn about Service-Learning Scholars
  5. Explore the CEC web site to find out more about
  6. Do one (1) of the following:
    • Visit the Community Engagement Center
    • participate in at least one event sponsored by the CEC such as “Bread & Soup Nite”
    • participate in an event sponsored by the Service Learning Community in the SUU Residence Halls

Post-Activity: After you have completed 1-6 above, revise your definition of “community engagement” in 100 or fewer words. Label your definitions “before” and “after,” combine them into a single document, post them into your ePortfolio, and squawk like a chicken.