School of Integrative & Engaged Learning

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) at SUU

Customize a Degree that Caters to Your Interests, Your Passions, & Your Future!

The BIS allows students to develop and customize a program of study with unique interests that are interdisciplinary in nature for their career goals. Students can combine courses and have more than two emphases from various disciplines to prepare them for an ever-changing job market, in which interdisciplinary knowledge offers a distinct advantage.

The BIS offers students maximum flexibility when choosing a path toward graduation not otherwise offered through a traditional degree. If you are interested, consult with the Director of the Program and/or Academic Advisor to discuss your “Idea” and ensure the appropriate administrative approval(s) are met. The BIS Triangle can serve as a guide for planning your course of study. Also see "An Idea from Idea" for some examples of interdisciplinary emphases.

BIS career opportunities (with some exception for specialized fields) are increasing as students are prepared to take on careers in a variety of industries. Today, employers appreciate skills that encompass technology, communication, analytics, management, etc. See the Bureau of Labor Statistics employment by detailed occupation for current statistics and future projections.