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Golden Thunderbirds
Active Learning Adventures

Academics · Outdoors · Art

Active learning well into the golden years.

Come to Cedar City, located in beautiful Southern Utah to escape the summer heat. Our program offers active academics, art experiences, and outdoor excursions. We have dynamic educators ready to provide an active learning experience, the award-winning Utah Shakespeare Festival right in our backyard, and we are surrounded by beautiful national parks that are calling your name. For more information, please contact Leilani Nautu at 435-865-8081 or

Golden Thunderbirds Day Excursions - Summer 2017 Golden Thunderbirds Stay Longer - Summer 2018

Community on the Go

If you long for economical travel with people you know and trust, Southern Utah University’s Community on the Go program is for you! All trips are led by our outstanding faculty and administrators who take you around the world and share their expertise along the way. Trips are affordable, flexible, and are designed with you in mind. In fact, you can propose a location, date, and time! We’re that dedicated to serving our community.

Upcoming trips include:

  • Aspects of China, May 2017
  • Halloween with Dracula, Fall 2017
  • World War II in Western Europe, November 2017
  • Christmas in London, December 2017
  • Machu Piccu, February 2018
  • Morocco, Summer 2018
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Lifelong Learning

To all of you lifelong learners - Come join the Lifelong Learning group in your pursuit for knowledge, self-improvement, or personal enrichment. Our program promises to engage you as you interact with others and with the world around you. Depending on the interests of our community, we can offer courses in topics such as photography, cooking, computers, languages, gardening, music, and so much more. For more information please contact Leilani Nautu at (435) 865-8081 or for more information.

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