Bard to Ballet: Shakespeare & Dance

This course follows Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and looks at the involvement of dance within classical works. Each session would include discussion and review. In the final class, a dialogue will occur about what has been shown and its relationship to the play. Although the class has no homework, class enrollees are requested to read the play to familiarize themselves with plot and character before first class.

Fall 2018

4 Weeks / T 6:30-8:30 pm
Cost: $55
Start Date: Oct. 2nd

Location: MC 109
Teacher: Donald Bradburn

Instructor Bio
Donald Bradburn is an emeritus lecturer of dance at University of California Irvine as well as a member of the Dance History Scholars and Dance Critic’s Associations. He currently serves as the West Coast editor of Dance Magazine. Bradburn has danced in more than forty musicals, playing the lead in West Side Story, Carousel, The Music Man and Gypsy. He has also danced on television specials with Fred Astaire, Goldie Hawn, Diana Ross, Glen Campbell and the Smother’s Brothers, and has directed and choreographed dance for many concerts, operas, films, television and theatre during his career.