DIY Inns: "Is hosting Vacation Rentals right for You"

There are a wide variety of personalities, properties and lifestyle choices that fit well with the vacation rental hosting model. Whether people want to be hands-on innkeepers, rent while they’re away from home, or have that spare room that’s gathering dust pay the mortgage--there’s a way to make money and new friends by hosting guests at their property. This two-hour seminar on Sept. 29 will teach participants about DIY Inns, different home environments, how to make the most money out of participant’s space, and the intrinsic value of opening up doors to the world.

Fall 2018

1 Day / S 9:00-11:00 am
Cost: $30
Start Date: September 29th

Location: ED 104
Teacher: Julie Robinson

Instructor Bio
Julie Robinson, owner of Boho hospitality, has a knack for words, repurposed furniture, and extreme bargain hunting. After successfully turning spare rooms into profitable whimsical hideaways for the last 7 years, she began teaching workshops to teach others how they can do it too.