Basic Botany for Gardeners

In this two-day class, learn the basics of botany such as plant structure, photosynthesis, growth and development and how to apply them to improve your garden. Participants will also learn about soil characteristics, transplant shock, watering and fertilizing schedules and pruning, and how understanding each will help grow outstanding landscapes, vegetables, or flower gardens.

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Spring 2019

2 Weeks / S 9:00-11:00 am
Cost: $40
Start Date: March 2

Location: GC 110
Teacher:  Douglas Reynolds

Instructor Bio
Doug Reynolds earned his bachelor’s degree in biology from Yale and a Ph.D. in botany from Duke University. He has taught biology and science courses at Central Washington and Eastern Kentucky Universities, and the University of Montana. Currently, Reynolds teaches public courses for the Zion Natural History Association and SUU Community Education programs.