Chinese Language for Beginners

This beginners class is designed for adults with no prior knowledge of the Chinese language. This class will place emphasis on spoken Mandarin, and participants will learn how to handle everyday situations, explain life, family, interests, inquiries and more in this eight-week class. Participants will also learn useful aspects of Chinese culture and history.

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Spring 2019

8 Weeks / T 6:00-7:30 pm
Cost: $70
Start Date: March 5

Location: ELC 301
Teacher:  Xianping Jiang

Instructor Bio
Xiangping Jiang is an associate professor of the Chinese Language and Culture at Hunan Normal University, in Changsha, China. Currently she works at the Confucius Institute at Southern Utah University. She obtained a doctorate degree from Beijing Normal University in 2008, and has 15 years of university-level experience in teaching Chinese as a second language. Her research interests include Chinese linguistics, Chinese language teaching and second language acquisition. She is enthusiastic with sharing the beauty of Chinese Language and culture.