Dog Training Seminar

Learn from one of the best dog trainers in Southern Utah as she shares her knowledge in this 2-hour seminar. Participants will learn about the various equipment used to train dogs as well as various methods. By the end of this class, dog owners will be able to have an understanding of techniques and theories to train their own pets at home. The seminar includes a demonstration of training dogs from a young puppy to a more mature dog using the clicker training method. Held on March 26, this class is a precursor to the Positive Dog Training class.

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Spring 2019

1 Day / T 5:30-7:30 pm
Cost: $25
Start Date: March 26

Location: TBA
Teacher:  Gail Workman

Instructor Bio
Gail Workman has been training dogs for 30+ years. She is experienced in many methods of training and stays up-to-date on all the new methods available, as well as using the older traditional methods. Gail believes a good instructor should have knowledge of and be able to use all tools available to pair you and your dog for the best up to date training program available.