Make a Shekere with artsFUSION

Create a shekere using dry gourds, string, and beads. Then learn how to use this West African percussion instrument for a variety of rhythm activities with children.

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Spring 2019

1 Day/ W 4:00-6:00 pm
Cost: $20
Start Date: March 27

Location: TBA
Teacher:  Alisa Peterson & Melanie Baker

Instructor Bios:

Alisa Petersen is the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Endowed Chair of Elementary Arts Education at Southern Utah University. Alisa grew up in Oklahoma in a home where exploration, making, play, and creativity happened every day. She studied art and art education at Ricks College, BYU, and SUU. She has worked as an elementary visual art specialist, a district art coordinator, an outreach artist. She teaches courses in early childhood creativity and arts integration.

Melanie Baker is the BTS Program Coordinator and Lead PDP for the SUU Region. Growing up in Arizona, Melanie was surrounded by wonderful music teacher and knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a music teacher when she grew up. She studied music at Eastern AZ College, Northern AZ University, and Brigham Young University. She has taught K-8 music for over twelve years.