Social Dancing - Cha-Cha

Have an energetic night out with your partner and learn a new dance style, the Cha-Cha. Originating from Cuba, this rhythmic, steady beat will inspire you to become an avid dancer. Learn the footwork, frame, hold, movement and count of the dance. You and your partner will enjoy learning something new that brings you closer together.

*This class is available for couples and individuals alike.

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Spring 2019

2 Weeks / F 6:00-7:00 pm
Start Date: February 22

Location: PEB 303
Teacher: Toni & James Sage

$20 for single ticket
$35 for couple tickets
$40 for single ticket for both classes
$70 for couple tickets for both classes

Instructor Bios

Toni Sage

James Sage

Toni Sage currently works as the Director of Academic Success at Southern Utah University. James is the Associate Provost and an Associate Professor of Philosophy at SUU. When not working their day jobs, the two enjoy dancing together and passing on the skills they have acquired to others.