The STEM Experience: Math Night

Math night will engage parents and children in fun, hands-on mathematics as well as answer the commonly asked “Why is my child being taught math like this?” We know how fundamental math is to the growing brain, child, and life, and want students attending this course to leave with a fresh perspective and attitude about math.

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Spring 2019

1 Day / W 6:00-7:30 pm
Cost: $35
Start Date: April 10

Location: TH 111
Teacher: Jana Lunt

Instructor Bio
Dr. Jana Lunt has been teaching others math since high school when she got her first taste as a tutor. Lunt has the ability to explain complicated problems and educate students on how to understand math. At SUU, Lunt works with students wanting to become math teachers themselves. She received her doctorate degree in Mathematics Education from Penn State University.