SIEL Curriculum Committee

All curriculum forms are due to the Associate Dean's Office by the posted deadlines in the original electronic PDF form.

Paper copies and scanned images will not be accepted. To edit the documents, download the PDFs found at the links below and open with Adobe Acrobat DC. This program should be available on your SUU-issued computer. If not, contact your department IT person for help.

Each department curriculum committee has its own deadlines, usually 1-2 weeks prior to the SIEL CC deadline.

Curriculum/Course Change Forms

Forms are available on the Provost Office website.

If you have questions about which forms to use, ask the Associate Dean.

If your curriculum proposal(s) will change the requirements for any program on campus, you must request a copy of the program requirements as outlined in the catalog from Katya Konkle in the Associate Provost Office at

You must include a marked up copy of program requirements based on how it will appear after your proposal is approved when you submit your curriculum proposal to your department and to SIEL.

Curriculum vs Schedule Timeline 

This graphic helps illustrate the relationship between the timelines for SUU's schedule and the curriculum submission process.

Curriculum Timeline