Experiential Learning Leadership Institute


an ELLI attendee at Bryce Canyon.

It is a primary role of the Experiential Learning Leadership Institute to provide support for our colleagues across the country who are looking to innovate and establish cutting edge programs. Professionals from Southern Utah University and across the nation are part of the ELLI team and we are happy to help connect you and your organization to those professionals for both formal and informal consultation.

ELLI team members have helped design, retool, build, and implement experiential learning programs on a variety of campuses. We can usually find someone who would be a great fit for your needs.

an ELLI attendee taking notes during an outdoor workshop.

Consulting can be provided on your campus, on the campus of Southern Utah University, or via electronic meeting. If a different location would better serve your needs, we can help make those arrangements.

Our consultants volunteer their time and expertise so that the consulting services can be delivered “at cost” as part of our commitment to promoting experiential and engaged learning across the nation and beyond.

If you would like to discuss connecting with one of our team members or you would like to make yourself available to provide consultations for your fellow ELLI colleagues, please reach out to us via ELLI@suu.edu