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Certificate of Online Teaching

Meeting the Demand for Online Expertise

12-Graduate Credit Program (6-month program)

Southern Utah University has developed a Graduate Certificate program for Online Teaching to give educators the chance to distinguish themselves and meet the needs of digital-age education. This competency-focused graduate certificate grants learners the opportunity to develop skills by doing, not just by reading and listening. Each student of this program is given their own sandbox in the Canvas learning management system (LMS) on the first day of class. Most of their graded learning activities take place right there. By doing.

A sample of skill development opportunities include: curricular mapping, creating outcomes, creating modules, developing online assessments of various types, writing effective discussion questions; creating and facilitating engaging online discussions, developing blogs and wikis, using online games for learning, and many others.

The program is complete in 2 semesters, all online and taught by highly skilled educators with a doctorate in the field of educational technology.

Other Points of Distinction for the Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching:

  • Recognized by programs K-12 programs and universities for its value and innovation
  • Tangibly increase both salary and employ-ability
  • Develop effective online design and teaching skills
  • Three 6 week online sessions

Southern Utah University (SUU) is excited to provide quality courses completed 100% online and may be applied toward your endorsements. Enroll through SUU Integrated and Engaged Studies. It is easy and only takes a few minutes. SUU is proud to offer scholarships and discounts for educators. Please call us today so we can discuss your specific situation and help you find the most cost effective way to pay for your program.

An online Adobe Connect orientation webinar will be provided to orient you to the program. This includes a chat feature throughout to answer student questions. The orientation link will be emailed to you prior to your course start date.

Prospective Nevada Students

SUU creates teacher education programs to align with Nevada Administrative Code (NAC). Final licensure approval is required by Nevada’s Office of Licensure and students are recommended to contact them with questions. Visit or by phone: Las Vegas Office: 702-486-6458 or Carson City Office: 775-687-5980. For specific Nevada areas of endorsement, visit:

NOTE: If you are a Clark County School District (CCSD) public educator, you will earn 5 contact units (CU’s)/credit. So, for this Technology Innovations in Teaching and Learning program you will earn 60 CU’s.

Program Outline

Course Number Course Title Credits
GOSC 6050 Online Teaching for Educators 3
GOSC 6051 Instructional Design for E­Learning 3
GOSC 6055 Practicum and Assessment Development in E­Learning 3

Course Descriptions

GOSC 6050 Online Teaching for Educators

This course teaches the fundamentals of online teaching, learning, and design. Learners study theory, and build knowledge upon practical experiences by studying in, and fulfilling assignments within, a learning management system (LMS). By course end, learners will have developed the shell of an online course, including most basic elements.

GOSC 6051 Instructional Design for E­Learning

This course teaches the fundamentals of instructional design for online learning. Theory, models, interviewing, and design tools are utilized to increase learner breadth and depth of understanding to develop quality online learning experiences.

GOSC 6055 Practicum and Assessment Development in E­Learning

This course teaches the fundamentals of effective online learning assessments. Learners study theory along with developing tangible skills related to assessment with: online discussions, papers, projects, games, and so forth. Learners have several opportunities to develop and practice skills within a learning management system. Final projects include the assessment of online courses, using national standards.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available to those who qualify. For information, please contact the following:

SUU Cashier's Office:
(p) 435-865-8032
(f) 435-865-8470
Cashier's Office website

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