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School Library Media Program

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18-Graduate Credit Program (12 month program--start any semester)

Southern Utah University is proud to offer a graduate endorsement in School Library Media, helping educators distinguish themselves by specializing in skillsets to become critical instructional partners in a K-12 setting as a teacher librarian or school media specialist.

The School Library Media Program is to intended to help educators combine theory and practice to specialize in the necessary skills to be an instructional partner--collaboration, technology, program management, and more. Students learn relevant skills and then apply those skills in a practicum setting, studying and practicing under the expertise of a mentor teacher librarian.

SUU's School Library Media Program helps educators gain core competencies in teaching children’s and young-adult literature, cataloging, technology and reference skills, integrating information literacy instruction across curricula, the leadership skills necessary to advocate for school library programs, developing high-quality library collections, providing equitable access to reliable information resources, and best practices for fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Other points of distinction include:

  • Recognized by the Utah State Board of Education
  • May help educators qualify for a lane change, increasing salary, and employability
  • Puts you at the forefront of an in-demand field where talented teachers are needed
  • Graduate credits may also apply to other programs
  • Classes are taught 100% online; start any semester

Southern Utah University (SUU) is excited to provide quality courses that are completed 100% online and may be applied toward your licensure. Enroll through SUU Graduate and Online Admissions.

Program Outline

Course Number

Course Title


LM 6100

School Library Media Foundations


LM 6160

Library Computer & Reference Skills


LM 6170

Tech for Library Media Teacher


LM 6180

Utilization of Literature in the Classroom


LM 6190

Managing a Media Center


LM 6200

Library Technical Services


LM 6890

Library Media Practicum


Course Descriptions

LM 6100: School Library Media Foundations (1)

The course provides an introduction to the field and foundations of School Library Media. The course examines librarianship as a profession, the role of school librarians and their contributions to the curriculum, school library media standards, library advocacy, collaboration, and information ethics. (Fall, Spring, Sum) Available as a Web course only. 

LM 6160: Library Computer & Reference Skills (3)

Designed to help students develop the skills and techniques to foster creative uses of media resources. Emphasis on searching on-line databases, using printed reference sources and creating a Web page for Internet access to reference materials. (Fall) Available as a Web course only.

LM 6170: Technology for Library Media Teachers (3)

Introduces students to technologies appropriate for a school library program, with emphasis on technology which supports the teaching and learning process. Focuses on evaluation and selection of technologies, educational technology resources, and real-world technology applications in today's library media center. (Spring) Available as a Web course only.

LM 6180: Utilization of Literature in the Classroom (3)

Introduces students to the value of literature as a lifetime activity and its use in the classroom. Techniques such as book talks, storytelling, readers' theater, creative dramatics, choral reading, book discussions, writing, art projects, etc. are explored. (Fall, Summer) Available as a Web course only.

LM 6190: Managing a Media Center (3)

Provides an in-depth focus on the administration and organization of library media centers including budgets, facilities, personnel and collections. (Summer) Available as a Web course only.

LM 6200: Library Technical Services (3)

Introduces students to the basic principles of library technical services. First part of the course focuses on collection development which involves assessing community needs, writing collection policies, using appropriate selection tools, and maintaining and evaluating collections. Emphasis is on cataloging theory and practice during the last half of the course. (Spring) Available as a Web course only.

LM 6890: Practicum (2)

Practical work experience in a public school library media center. Students taking the practicum for the endorsement must take the class as 3 credits to receive the endorsement on their license and must complete at least four courses before taking the practicum. Instructor approval is needed to sign up for the practicum. (P/F) (Fall, Spring, Sum)

Financial Aid and Payment Plans

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