Professional Development Pathways

Your Path to Alternate Credit

The Integrative and Engaged Studies Department (IES) at Southern Utah University offers you unique opportunities to earn college credit. The processes are simple and broken down into four distinct pathways designed to accommodate as many scenarios as possible to help you achieve your goals.

Discover Your Pathway

Earn Credit for Participating in Professional Conferences

Earn up to 3 professional development credits by participating in a conference.

$91.00 per credit (up to 3 credits)

Earn Credit for Professional Experience

Earn up to 15 credits from previous experience and apply them to my degree through a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) course.

$279.00 for first credit, $49.00 for every additional credit (up to 15 credits)

Earn Credit and an Institutional Certificate

After earning 9 professional development credits and applying them toward a Master degree, receive an SUU Institutional Certificate.

Apply Credit Toward ⅓ of a Master Degree

Apply up to 9 professional development credits from another university (with approval of the IES Department), and have ⅓ of a master's degree complete at a substantially reduced rate.

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