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Halloween in Transylvania

Bran Castle

The name Transylvania conjures images of vampires and werewolves stalking the unsuspecting visitor to the misty forests and craggy slopes of the legendary Carpathian Mountains and surrounding foothills. Transylvania is a legendary land of mystery and magic, made popular in film and literature, and offers so much to explore and experience! From the banks of the immortal Danube River and the inspiring architecture of Budapest to the lush farm valleys and mesmerizing mountain peaks of Western Romania, a trip of a lifetime awaits as you immerse yourself in the culture and history of the lands of Count Dracula! Join SUU's Kyle Bishop, renowned author and expert of the horror genre, as he leads our trip to explore this enchanting region of Europe that will leave you wanting more! It's an experience not to be missed and it occurs at the perfect time of year for horror enthusiasts and anyone who desires to experience this pristine land, its friendly people, and gorgeous villages and cities of a famed and timeless area of Eastern Europe.