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Outdoor Initiative Fund

The Outdoor Initiative Fund is available to SUU faculty and staff to apply for funding to engage students academically in the outdoors.  Funds may be utilized for travel, equipment, research, or application of teaching methods that utilize the outdoors as a classroom.  Funds that potentially connect students, faculty, and staff to public lands and include interdisciplinary work will be given preference.

Funding requests up to $500 will be considered this year. Deadline for Round I is November 1. Deadline for Round II is March 1.

The application can be accessed at: Outdoor Initiative Fund Proposal

Outdoor Initiative Fund recipients will be expected to provide a report in the form of a press release and photos for public relation purposes to the OEC within two weeks of completing the funded endeavor.

Please contact Briget Eastep with questions.

Briget Tyson Eastep, Ph.D.
Director Outdoor Engagement Center
Assistant Professor of Outdoor Recreation
Southern Utah University