Intergovernmental Internship Cooperative

IIC Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for an IIC internship?

Our primary focus is with enrolled College students, providing them an opportunity to gain valuable real-world experience while still in school. These students are the core of the IIC program, are highly motivated and work hard. They connect their internship experience with their academic endeavors for a beneficial experience. Additionally, Recent Graduates (within 2-years of graduation) and high school youth (age 16+) are eligible to participate in the IIC’s internship and YCC programs, respectfully. IIC works to ensure that campus organizations representing various diversity groups encourage their students to apply to IIC postings.

How do I join?

The IIC is governed by a non-fiscal Memorandum of Understanding to which all Partners sign. To join the IIC, a prospective new partner must identify the level of partnership they desire and then petition the IIC Steering Committee to for membership. Contact IIC staff for further information.

How do I write a grant/agreement for the IIC?

First contact IIC staff to discuss the intent, scope, and feasibility of the opportunity. IIC staff will coordinate the development of the grant/agreement with you, your contracting office, and SUU’s grants office.

How do you manage the internships?

Interns hired by the IIC are state employees and are supervised by IIC staff. Typically, the daily duties of the interns are carried out at partner sites and offices under the close monitoring of an Agency Mentor as a volunteer. All parties, including the intern sign an Internship Agreement that outlines each party’s responsibility for successful completion of that internship.

What types of crews do you manage?

The IIC Career Internship Corps (CIC) is a conservation crew program. We endeavor to identify students whose major, or interest, fits each respective crew best. The CIC holds a skills and technical training each spring to certify and prepare the crews. (Contact IIC Crew Manager for more details). Past CIC crews include:

Recreation Crew (Trail construction and maintenance, Fences, Facilities)

Range and Natural Resources Crew (Vegetation monitoring, treatments and restoration)

Wilderness Crew (Wilderness character monitoring, site restoration, impact mitigation)

Fuels Crew (Woody fuels reduction)

Fire Crew (Fire suppression)

Wayside Crew (Digital design and production of “wayside” signs and kiosks)

YCC Crews (Various; primarily Recreation and Natural Resources oriented)