Intergovernmental Internship Cooperative

IIC Funding


The IIC can submit competitive grant proposals to acquire funds to manage partner internships. IIC staff work in collaboration with respective partner personnel to develop winning proposals.


IIC partners may directly award program funding in support of IIC’s Internship and Crew programs. These awards come as “Task Agreements,” “Cooperative Agreements,” “Participatory Agreements,” “Cost-Share Agreements,” and “Contracts.”

Foundations and Gifts

Private entities, such as Foundations, Associations, Societies, Friends groups, and Individuals are able to support the advancement of IIC programs with their generous tax-deductible contributions.


As a partner in the Colorado Plateau Cooperative Ecosystem Study Unit, the IIC is able to offer an Indirect rate of 17.5% with most funding sources and partners, providing a highly efficient Internship return value.