Outdoor Engagement Center

Outdoor Education Series

Purpose: Educating, Engaging, and Inspiring the widest possible audience to a variety of outdoor topics presented in a one hour seminar.

Spring 2016 objective: Celebrate the NPS Centennial in cooperation with the National Park Service, SUU Outdoors, SUU Department of Biology,  SUU ORPT (Outdoor Recreation in Parks and Tourism), and SUU Outdoor Engagement Center

2016 Schedule


OES will run from January 21-April 14, 2016. Half of this series is dedicated to Biology Department discussions. Regular OES will be held every other Thursday from 11:30-12:30 in the Sharwan Smith Living Room. The information will be presented in a casual "lunch and learn" atmosphere. Presenters will be introduced at 11:30, discuss their topic for approximately 45 minutes, and have a question and answer discussion for the remaining 10-15 minutes.


This free event is open to students, staff and faculty, and community members of all ages. Our attendance ranges on average from 8-30 people. The audience is encouraged participate through rhetorical questions, probable scenarios relating to the topic, printouts, hands on activities, and through a post lecture question and answer discussion. On occasion, extension activities are planned for the weekend following a lecture to apply practical application. Academic classes are encouraged to provide extra credit for student attendance.

Fore more information, contact:

OES Coordinator Ashley Starr, asherstarr@gmail.com
BIO Seminar Coordinator: Fred Govedich, govedich@suu.edu
Outdoor Engagement Center Administrative Assistant, Jan Neth, 435-865-8093