School of Integrative & Engaged Learning

Meet the Team

Sierra Bonner
Sierra Bonner | Graduate Fellow

Hey everyone! My name is Sierra Bonner and I am a grad student in the MAPC program. I have ambitions to be a crazy dog lady if marrying various celebrity crushes proves impossible. I also love exploring new places and probably say the word ‘Yasss’ way too much #sorrynotsorry. I’m very excited to be the Graduate Fellow at the Speech and Presentation Center because I love meeting new people. The Speech and Presentation Center has helped me in developing my skills as a better speaker, presenter and leader. I love the environment here because all of the people I work with are creative, supportive and fun. Come visit me and the rest of the awesome interns!

Jessica Stevens
Jessica Stevens | Assistant Director

Hi everybody! My name is Jessica Stevens. I grew up in the small town of Holden, Utah. I graduated from Millard High School then went on to graduate from Snow College in Communication. Now I am majoring in Strategic Communication with a Graphic Design minor here at SUU. I am excited to be back working at the SAPC this semester as the Assistant Director!

Katrina Christensen
Katrina Christensen | Assistant Director

My name is Katrina Christensen and I am a Senior from Spanish Fork, Utah. This is my second year at SUU and I am excited to be returning to the Speech and Presentation Center. The interns at the Speech and Presentation Center have helped me become a better speaker through their influence as both my classmates and colleagues. I am excited to share what I have learned from them with all of you. I am a Communication major with a double emphasis in Strategic Communication and Communication Studies, and enjoy long drives and Dr. Pepper when my schedule permits. Come by the Speech and Presentation Center to introduce yourself, I would love to meet you!

Spencer Ericksen
Spencer Ericksen | Training Specialist

I’m Spencer Ericksen, and this year I will be assisting my colleagues at the Speech and Presentation Center. I love public speaking, and I enjoy helping students to prepare for success as presenters. I’m a Senior in the Strategic Communication major. Sometimes I am asked if that means communicating to submarines about radar and torpedoes, to which I nervously reply that it’s actually advertising and helping businesses in other ways. But that could be just as exciting, you never know! I am very excited to hear new presentations. Here at the Speech and Presentation Center we will do all that we can to help.

Kelton Chapman
Kelton Chapman | Intern

I am a Senior in Communication Studies and am planning on earning my Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy. I enjoy being involved in the community and campus. I am currently in the Student Alumni club, a member of Rural Health Scholars, Associate Justice on the Judicial Council, a 4-H mentor and I work with special needs at TURN Community Services. I love the outdoors and challenging myself in areas that break my comfort level so that I can learn as much as I can.

The Speech and Presentation is so much fun and the staff are very helpful. I love helping students with their speeches and presentations because they teach me and I can help them improve their presentation skills.

Mikael Simpson
Mikael Simpson | Intern

Hi! I'm Mikael Simpson and I am a senior here at SUU studying Communication with a Spanish minor. I grew up in Parowan, Utah and upon graduating high school, I played two seasons of collegiate soccer in northern Iowa. In 2014, I served an LDS mission in Southern Chile, and in 2016 I transferred to Snow College where I met my husband, Quinn. I love interacting with people and helping them achieve their best; so come into the Speech and Presentation Center and together we'll do great things!

John Woolley
John Woolley | Intern

Hello, my name is John! I am a communication major and most likely going to minor in sociology. I love the idea of being able to present well, and having a powerful message to share. I have a hope one day to speak to audiences, and train people worldwide about leadership and principles of success. This is the main reason I am Interning at the Speech and Presentation Center, to help learn how to be able to do this.

Ammon Harris
Ammon Harris | Intern

My name is Ammon Harris. I am in my final year in obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with emphases in Communications, English and Finance. My hope is to further my education in obtaining a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Policy in Student Affairs.

As a young professional at age 11 I gave my first presentation to my 5th grade class on sedimentary rock formation. From that moment onward I have had a passion for presenting and helping people gain a new perspective from the speeches I give.

To quote one of the more influential characters in modern american pop culture, Uncle Ben once said "with great power comes great responsibility." An idea that could change the world, is that great responsibility. Speech and Presentation is the vehicle to promulgate any idea. Speech and Presentation is the vehicle to change the world.

Emily Wiegman
Emily Wiegman | Intern

My name is Emily Wiegman, I’m from Cache Valley, and this is my second year here at SUU. I am minoring in Communication, and have always thoroughly enjoyed Speech and Presentation. Several things I love to do include hiking, climbing, cooking, and just spending time with friends and family. I am very excited to be part of the SAPC team this year! I love helping people find confidence in their voice, and learning about their abilities as they stretch themselves past their comfort zone.

Anthony DiDonato
Anthony DiDonato | Intern

I am currently a sophomore at SUU with a major of Graphic Design and Art History. I did speech and debate in high school taking first at 5A state in oratory and then extemporaneous speaking my senior year, and competing in several national tournaments; taking second in extemporaneous speaking my senior year at the National Tournament in Kansas City.

Mimi Johnson
Mimi Johnson | Intern

Hey ya'll! I'm Mimi Johnson from north Ogden, Utah. I'm studying communication while also working on prerequisites for Occupational Therapy. I think that public speaking can be a fun and very powerful thing, so I'm excited to help here at the center! I enjoy learning, the outdoors, and spending time with my husband.

Andrew Leavitt
Andrew Leavitt | Intern

Andrew Leavitt is a sophomore English major from St. George, UT. He got a job in the Speech and Presentation Center because he was the only member of the President's Book Club to attend every meeting, and was then asked to head the book club, which meant a job at the SAPC. He is also a Presidential Ambassador and the Campus Life section editor for the University Journal.

Ginger Davis
Ginger Davis | Intern

My name is Ginger Cecilia Davis. I am a junior here at SUU as a Communication Studies major and Family Service minor. I was born and raised in San Diego, CA and then moved to Page (Lake Powell), AZ. When I was growing up, I was one of the odd kids who always loved to go to school. I am proud to say that I am still equally as excited about the rare privilege I have to be studying every single week. Being a student here at SUU is one of my biggest passions. A few of my hobbies include rock climbing, roller blading, painting/drawing, and participating in deep therapeutic conversations with wonderful friends over a large pizza. I have been known for my bright personality wearing off on those I come in conversation with. Being able to help people collect and create their speech dreams is something I look forward to being a part of. Don’t be shy! We are here to help boost your confidence about public speaking, and will help you feel more ready to knock your crowds’ socks off :)

Ben Okelberry
Ben Okelberry | Intern

My name is Benjamin Okelberry, and I am from Sandy, Utah. I graduated from Paradigm High School, and now I am Communication major. I love Cedar City and SUU. I enjoy going to plays at the Shakespeare Festival and reading a good book. I also love meeting new people and traveling to new places. I am so excited to help people that come into the Speech and Presentation Center.

Ashley Arsenault
Ashley Arsenault | Intern

Hi, my name is Ashley Arsenault. I am a sophomore here at Southern Utah University and I am from Anchorage, Alaska. I am majoring in Communication Studies because I believe that communication is the most applicable major in any person’s life. No matter who you are or where you come from, you have to communicate with others, even when you don’t really want to. I am also minoring in Philosophy and have a passion for learning. Some of my hobbies include reading, hanging out with friends, listening to music, and fishing.

David Crain
David Crain | Intern

My name is David Crain and I am from Kamas, Utah. I have received my Associates degree in University Studies from Utah Valley University and came to SUU to study theatre and communications. I am a super duper senior and will be graduating fall 2017 with a dual major bachelor’s degree. The interns here at the Speech and Presentation center are quite friendly and have made me feel accepted and at home. I am excited to learn and practice my speech skills and share my unique expertise with everyone. Because of my theatre background I specialize in audition workshops and delivery techniques. I am an adamant worker doing two jobs, while full time at school, and interning. I am very delighted to be interning at the center and am in anticipation to be of any help.

Tyson Winder
Tyson Winder | Intern

Hi, I’m Tyson! I graduated from Snow College and now I am a senior Communication major here at SUU. Some of my hobbies include, rock climbing, hiking, skydiving, and anything adventurous. My favorite TV Show is Stranger Things.

Dominic Bozzelli
Dominic Bozzelli | Intern

My name is Dominic Vincenzo Bozzelli and I am a senior Communication major from Panaca, Nevada. I grew up playing / watching sports and I have a deep passion for both football and video games. I am currently the host of “The Rock” on KSUU Thunder 91.1 FM, and I am a recent convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (as of March 21, 2015).

When I first came to SUU, I was very introverted and I was unsure of what I wanted to be when I “grow up”. However, midway through my sophomore year I finally decided to become a Communication major. Ever since then, I have continued to develop an extroverted personality that I hope to express to others in the near future.