4. Creativity and Problem Solving

  1. Complete an EDGE project that genuinely interests you.
  2. Connect with a librarian to help brainstorm research topics and sources, as well as help with assignments.
  3. Understand your personality type by taking a personality test found on SUU's Orientation Page.
  4. Meet with your adviser and make a 2 year plan to graduation.
  5. Work with the Entrepreneurship Center to start a small business (which you can use as an EDGE Project).
  6. Develop a skill such as:
    1. Hula-hooping
    2. Juggling
    3. Knitting
    4. Photography
    5. Orange Justice Dance
    6. Any other skill you ar interested in!
  7. Start a journal and carve out time each day to jot down thoughts, ideas, images, etc. that help you continue to feel inspired.<
  8. Participate in research with faculty. (UGRASP)
  9. Attend a Utah Shakespeare Festival Greenshow, or main stage performance.
  10. Visit the Southern Utah Museum of Art (SUMA)
  11. Volunteer at SUMA as a Program Assistant, Gallery Attendant, Registrar and Preparator.
  12. Attend a CPVA Performance
  13. Take a class that invites you to think creatively
    1. ART 1050 Photography
    2. ART 110 Drawing 1
    3. ART 1010 Intro Visual Arts
    4. ART 1610 Ceramics 1
    5. ART 1120 Two-Dimensional Design
    6. ART 1130 3D Design
    7. THEA 1013 Introduction to Theatre
    8. DANC 1170 Social Dance
    9. ENGL 2020 Introduction to Creative Writing
    10. ENGL 3010 Intermediate Poetry Writing
  14. Attend and/or present at the Festival of Excellence on any of your major projects, research, performances, displays, and any other type of scholarly activity.
  15. Attend the College of Science and Engineering Annual Research Symposium
  16. Ted Talks/videos/articles on Creativity and problem solving
    1. Do schools kill creativity? by Ken Robinson
    2. How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas by Manoush Zomorodi
  17. Learn more about Vision Boards and create a vision board for yourself.
  18. Event Planning
    1. COMM 4600 TIC Event Planning/HRHM 4700 Event Management (Instructor: VP Mindy Benson; Fall Only)
    2. Student Programming Board (SPB) Assistants and Directors (March/April)
  19. Participate in clubs that force you to think creatively. Find a list of clubs by visiting:
  20. Using an online learning platform teach yourself a skill, new software, or programming language.
    1. Codecademy
    2. Coursera
    3. Free Code Camp
    4. Khan Academy