Staff Association

Garden Planting - 05/2004

Photo: Staff get their food from the breakfast bar
Photo: Staff line up to get their food
Photo: Staff members enjoy their food
Photo: Staff members eating their breakfast
Photo: Staff Gather to plant flowers in the garden
Photo: Staff gather to plant flowers in the garden
Photo: Dorian Page helps plant flowers
Photo: Barbara Rodriguez is working hard to plant the garden
Photo: Staff help plant the garden
Photo: Casey Bowns plants flowers
Photo: Paula Alger helps plant the flowers
Photo: Staff members help each other plant the garden
Photo: Everyone pitches in
Photo: Surveying the area
Photo: Checking out the progress
Photo: Many hands make light work

On May 21, 2004 we gathered at the Harris Center for breakfast. Food Service provided eggs, sausage, french toast, potatoes and drinks for all in attendance. After we ate, we moved to the south side of the Harris Center to plant new flowers in the Centennial Parterre Garden. The Grounds crew provided the plants and the equipment and we provided the labor. It was a beautiful day and the flower beds looked great. We appreciate all who attended and our campus departments that helped make this event possible.