Annual Elections Committee

Committee Members

  • President, Chair
  • President-Elect & Past-President, if available.  If not, other board members will replace them by appointment

Mission Statement

To ensure an election process occurs to replace positions within the board for the upcoming fiscal year.

Strategic Plan

  • Assuming all positions serve full term, each year there will elections for the following five (5) positions:
    • President-Elect (3 year term – first year as President-Elect, second year as President, third year as Past-President)
    • Secretary (two-year term only)
    • Treasurer (two-year term only)
    • Two (2) Executive Board Members (2 year term each)
  • The following positions will remain as part of the Executive Board:
    • President-Elect – will become President in next fiscal year
    • President – will become Immediate Past-President in next fiscal year
    • Two (2) Executive Board Members (begin serving 2nd year of term)
  • An announcement will be made to all staff members to nominate individuals for the position on or before April 15
  • Nominations will close by May 1
  • Additional names may be placed on the ballet by submitting a petition signed by ten (10) members and presented to the Staff Association President no later than May 15.
  • Ballots for the election of officers shall be sent to all members during the third week in May.
  • All ballots shall be tabulated on the last Friday of May.  The election winners will constitute the Staff Association Executive Board for the next fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).
  • It is the responsibility of the new President to contact the Faculty Senate to determine who the Staff Association Faculty Representative will be.