Staff Association

Distinguished Service

Non-Exempt (classified) Staff & Exempt (professional) Staff


  • President-Elect, Chair
  • A past distinguished service recipient
  • The SUU student body president or representative
  • Staff Association faculty representative (appointed by faculty senate president)
  • An emeriti staff member

Mission Statement

Coordinate nominations and recipients for Distinguished Service Non-Exempt (Classified) & Exempt (Professional) Staff.  Individuals must be selected well before graduation in order for their portraits or drawings to be completed.

Strategic Plan

  • Announce to campus nominations for award by December 1 (nominations will close 2 weeks after opening)
  • Have committee put together by December 15
  • Decide on recipients (first and second choices for both non-exempt and exempt) by January 1
  • Obtain approval from administration on award winners.
  • Notify recipients and give information to commencement committee by January 15