Staff Association

Opening Social (Meeting #1) Committee


  • President-Elect, Chair
  • Social Affairs Committee
  • Other staff members (volunteers) as selected by the chair

Mission Statement

Organize a lunch time staff opening social to take place at the start of Fall Semester in current year of service (late August/early September). Coordinate all food with food services and solicit prizes from local businesses to be given at the opening social.

Strategic Plan

  • At first Staff Association board meeting of new year, decide a date, time, place, and theme for function.  Get appropriate budget information at that time for food, décor, etc.
  • Have committee put together by August 1.
  • Commit the committee to solicit prizes from local businesses to be awarded.
  • Get annual financial report completed by August 1, review, and present at meeting for approval.
  • Coordinate with previous President to obtain years of service awards – typically ordered in the prior fiscal year.
  • The event counts as one of two staff meetings required for the organization during the year as referred to in the by-laws.  Any official business needed to be made to the body will be done at this time.