Staff Association

Parterre Clean-Up (Meeting #2) Committee


  • President, Chair
  • Social Affairs Committee
  • Other staff members (volunteers) as chosen by chair

Mission Statement

President will obtain approval for and clear date with University President for Parterre Clean Up. A close correlation of the date, time, and details with Facilities Management is required. It is essential that the President coordinate publication to campus community of date and time of event.  Grounds will provide the plants; staff are to bring planting tools.  Coordinate any refreshments with Food Services.

Strategic Plan

  • Coordinate date and time of event by end of March.
  • In April, arrange for:
    • Any business items to be addresses
    • Plants from Grounds to plan
    • Announcement to be sent to Staff members
    • Refreshments
    • Prizes to be awarded, donated preferably from local businesses.