Staff Association

Centennial Parterre

On August 29, 1996 the Centennial Parterre garden was dedicated. The garden was a Centennial gift to the university from the Staff Association. The garden initially had 21 partitioned flower beds with 30,000 flowers in over 100 varieties, two rose gardens and two rock gardens. The garden is located south of the Harris pavilion on 200 South 1150 West.

Photo: Staff members help plant the garden
Photo: Planting the flowers
Photo: Ribbon Cutting & Dedication
Photo: The ribbon is cut - the garden is open

Map of Garden in 1996
Map of Garden in 1996

Dedication Program

Thursday, August 29, 1996

Greetings & Introductions
Dr. Harold Hiskey
Chair, Centennial Committee

Anne O. Leavitt

Becky Weidner, Miss SUU
"Zing Went the Strings of My Heart"
Acc. Del Beatty

Lois L. Bulloch
Chair, Parterre Committee

Win Seegmiller's Big Band

President Gerald R. Sherratt

Ribbon Cutting

SUU Staff Association Parterre Committee

Lois Bulloch, Chair
Jim Crouch
Jean Huntsman
Joyce Messer
Jeff Stork

Special Thanks To:

Chris Gale &
SUU Grounds Crew
Nolan Truman & SUU Construction Crew
Gordon Slack &
SUU Plant Operations
President Gerald R. Sherratt
Quantum Construction Company
All SUU Staff/Faculty Members who donated time, money and/or rocks