Southern Utah Robotics

FLL Event Guide for Teams: Additional Tips


Tips for Preparing for Core Values Judging

    • Determine how much time to spend preparing your poster and in participating in Core Value activities. A realistic amount of time for most teams is 4 to 8 hours (initial discussion, poster and activities).
    • The poster is NOT intended to be on the same scale as your Project presentation. Remember the judges are only interested in your team’s story, not fancy graphics.
    • You can ask a parent to help a few of your students create a Core Values poster.
    • How to Make a Core Values Poster Board for FLL (FLL Team Astromechs)

Project Judging Session (pg. 8 EGT)

Tips for Preparing for Project Judging

  • Low-tech or no-tech is the best tech during the Project Presentation. The five minutes presentation time includes setup time, and if audiovisual equipment fails, there is no do over. Your five minutes is
  • your five minutes, no exceptions. It is expected that the youth will handle all setup.
  • Find a way to include every team member. If someone doesn’t want to speak, they can hold a sign, be a prop, etc.
  • You can ask parents to help with costumes, props, practices, makeup, etc.
  • Excellent Extras:
    • Include a picture of something that presents your Project for your Team Introduction Page.

Robot Design (pg. 7 EGT)

Tips for Preparing for Robot Design Judging

  • Have the robot on and ready to run when you enter the room.
  • Plan to run 1 mission at a minimum. It is a good idea to have a 2nd mission ready, in case there is time to show a 2nd mission.
  • Bring a printout of the programming to share with the judges, or show them your programs using a device.
    • Bonus: It is never a bad idea to keep a technical binder documenting your robot design process and changes. If you keep a binder, be sure to bring it to Robot Design Judging. If you do bring it, make sure team members are familiar with it and can address questions about it.
  • Make sure that everyone has something they can add to the conversation. The judges want to hear from more people than just the lead programmer or builder.
    • Examples of conversation contributions:
      • I built this attachment so we could...
      • We decided to combine these to missions since...
      • I worked on building the bot...
      • I haven’t programmed until this year. I learned how to...
      • We thought this was a good robot design because...
  • Excellent Extras
    • Include a picture of your robot for your Team Introduction Page.

We also suggest reading pages 6-8 and 10-11 in the Event Guide for Teams prior to the competition as a final preparation to ensure you are completely ready for competition.