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Campus Recreation

The Student Body Fitness Center has top of the line free weights, circuit weights, and cardio equipment. The PE department maintains the schedule for when the center is open.

Fitness Center Participation Agreement Form

Fitness Center

The SUU pool is ready for all swimmers! We offer a wide variety of instruction from private lessons to U.S.A. Swimming and triathlon training. Supplemental courses in SCUBA or kayaking, as well as open swim hours are available. 

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Swimming Pool

Open Recreation in the PE Building includes use of the gymnasium, the walking/jogging track, and racquetball courts. Schedules vary between Fall/Spring and Summer semesters. Make sure to check with the PE Building website or by calling the PE department for details.

For appointment, call 435-865-8704.

Climbing Wall

Purpose and Objective of Intramural

The purpose of Intramural is to provide a variety of recreational activities which are selected on the basis of their contribution to the development of the whole individual physically, socially, intellectually, and emotionally. The philosophy of Intramural has undergone the change from the objective of higher education which recognize worth of the society.

Participation in Intramural teaches the student the wise use of leisure time. Intramural sports help to develop strength and endurance for a healthier individual. Enjoyable, recreative activities properly conducted help develop wholesome mental hygiene by providing relaxation from work and study. The participation in Intramural can fulfill some of the individual's personal needs of self-expression, self-reliance, self-esteem, recognition, and the need for belonging. Intramural serve the recreational needs of the majority of the student body, not just the athletic minority.

How to participate in intramural:

Students can participate in team intramurals by signing up using the app REC* IT which is free download from the app store or go to IM and click on SUU icon.

SUU Intramural Eligibility Information

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