Student Involvement & Leadership

FAQ in the STIL Office

Where can I go to find jobs on campus?

Visit SUU Employment to find on- and off-campus job postings for students. Students may also find job listings in the mySUU Portal. This is where students can find part-time and full-time jobs as well as internships.

What do I do if I need to take a placement test?

In order to take a placement test, the student must first pay for the test at the Cashier's Office located in the Sharwan Smith Student Center. After paying, the student will take the receipt to the Testing Center where the test will be administered.

Who is in charge of Toilet Times?

SUUSA Marketing Team, located in the SUUSA Offices in the Sharwan Smith Student Center, ST Room 101B.

How do I post something for sale/rent?

To post housing or other items for sale or rent, the information needs to go on color cards provided by the Student Involvement Office Room ST 177. They will be posted in the display cases in the hall outside of the Student Involvement Office. This is the only location on campus where items for sale/rent can be posted.

What are the requirements to get bulletin board approval?

Posting Approvals and Guidelines

  • Nothing larger than 11x17
  • Must be computer generated (no handwritten fliers)
  • Make sure there is contact/sponsored by info on the flier so people know who to contact if they have questions about an event
  • Can be left up for 2 weeks from the date stamped 
  • Registered clubs and other on-campus organizations and departments are allowed to post (as long as it is appropriate). Off-campus non-profit things are usually approved. Off-campus businesses (or people trying to make $$) are rarely, if ever approved.
  • Housing for rent, items for sale, and misc. things need to go on the colored cards and in the display cases in the hall
  • Only post on the boards that have the red SUUSA approved plaques. Otherwise it is a department board, and they need to check with the department office.
  • Only one poster per event per board