Student Involvement and Leadership

Spirit Squad

Southern Utah University is a wonderful place to extend your cheer career. We have a fun and exciting schedule each year. SUU offers partial in state tuition waivers to all members on the team and cover all costs associated with participating such as shoes, warm-ups, uniforms and travel. Our program has a great balance of competitive cheerleading, fun and being able to participate on college life.

Squad Responsibilities

The Southern Utah University's Cheer and Stunt Squad represent the University supporting all athletic home events including Football, Men's and Women's Basketball, Women's Volleyball, and Gymnastics; as well as other activities and events as requested.

The Cheer and Stunt Squad is represented under the hospice of the Southern Utah University's athletics department and are a participant of Clubs and Organizations.

Scholarships are awarded based on seniority and achievement in the squad.

Photos Courtesy University Journal/SUUNEWS