Strategic Plan Committee Members

Committee Members: Member: Area:
At Large Faculty Senators Gary Wallace Engineering and Comp. Sciences
At Large Faculty Senators Chris Younkin Humanities and Social Sciences
At Large Representatives from the Faculty Ken Hall Business
At Large Representatives from the Faculty Jennifer McKenzie Education
At Large Representatives from the Faculty Donna Lister Health Sci.
At Large Representatives from the Staff Trudy Widup Provost
At Large Representatives from the Staff Anu Tufuga Student Affairs
At Large Representatives from the Staff Tiger Funk VPFA
At Large Student Representatives Carson Brown In-state
At Large Student Representatives Paige Raw International
At Large Student Representatives David Nguyen Out-of-state
Athletics Representative Nate Esplin Athletics
Chief Diversity Officer Daneka Souberbielle Provost
Committee Co-Chair Jon Anderson Provost
Committee Co-Chair Jayson Matlock Staff Association President
Committee Co-Chair McKay Pollmann SUUSA President
Committee Co-Chair Abigail Larson Senate Past-President
Representative from International Education Kurt Harris Provost
Representative from Marketing Communication  Lexi Carter Assistant Marketing Director
Representative from Online and/or Continuing Education Lynn Kvamme Enrollment/Advancement
Representative from the Board of Trustees Jodi Hart-Wilson Board Chair
Representatives from Dean’s Council Shauna Mendini PVA
Representative from Faculty Senate Christopher Graves Art & Design Senator
Representatives from President’s Cabinet Stephen Lisonbee Alumni/Community
Representatives from President’s Cabinet Jared Tippets Student Affairs
Representatives from the Alumni/Community Sydney Nakken Alumni
Utah Summer Games/Auxiliary Programs Pace Clarke Auxiliary Programs
Staff Association Board Members Matt McKenzie Provost/CTI
Staff Association Board Members John Lisonbee Provost