Student Connection and Completion

Student Connection and Completion

The Office of Student Connection and Completion (SCC) works to provide support to students who are finding challenges both in and outside the classroom. Such challenges can include academic performance, attendance concerns, life at home or with peers, etc. This office also supports students who intend to withdraw/defer from the university (temporarily or permanently) to ensure a smooth transition out of the academic term while reviewing withdrawal considerations for students to be aware of. In addition, this office will assist students who are returning to SUU from previously withdrawing/deferring by walking students through a ‘Welcome Back’ checklist.


COVID-19 Updates

Hours: M-F, 8am - 5pm

Contact Us:

Phone: (435) 865-8208, Email: 

How we can still help you:

  • We will still be providing support to students who intend to withdraw from any academic term and connecting students to proper resources on campus.
  • You may also set up phone appointments with the Coordinator of Student Connection and Completion through Link (select ‘Withdrawal Support’ as your service).