Frequently Asked Questions About Summer Semester at SUU

Academic Questions

Approximately 71% of SUU major/degree programs will be available for summer semester of 2020. You can view these programs on the Summer Registration webpage. These majors represent almost 85% of undergraduate SUU students who have declared a major.
Summer 2020 courses are viewable on Banner.
Yes. Department chairs should be available in a similar fashion as spring and fall semesters. Individual faculty members who are teaching in the summer will be required to keep regular (and published) office hours.
Yes. The length of classes has remained the same: 50 minutes for courses scheduled MWF and 80 minutes for TR courses. The only change was to the academic calendar which was slightly adjusted in anticipation of adding additional summer classes.
Yes, all semesters have the option for two, 7 week courses, and it is anticipated that the summer session will be heavily scheduled in this manner.

Financial Aid Questions

Yes, financial aid will be available for students in the summer. Tuition waivers/scholarships are now awarded on an 8-semester (rather than 4-year) basis, allowing students the flexibility to apply them to any semester in which they are enrolled. Pell grants will also be available for all three semesters. Qualifying students can also apply for State and Federal aid (like loans) to further reduce the expense.
Pell Grants are available at 150% to cover the summer tuition for those who qualify.
In order to qualify for an academic scholarship or waiver, a student must enroll for 12 or more credits during the summer semester.
The payment deadline for summer tuition and fees is the first day of the semester, which is May 11, 2020.
Tuition and fees for summer are the same as fall and spring semesters, with the exception of the out-of-state discount (see below).
Yes. Out-of-state and international students will pay in-state tuition as in past summer sessions. However, because resident tuition is lower than the rate currently paid by out-of-state students in fall and spring semesters, these students will not be eligible for academic scholarships/waivers. An exception to this rule is made for President’s Scholarship recipients.

Housing Questions

There will be some on-campus housing available for students in Ponderosa Terrace with some overflow in Founders Hall. This space is available on a first-come/first-serve basis. A significant amount of off-campus housing will also be available.
The usual summer discounted rates will apply. For example, the cost for a fall/spring semester for a double room in Ponderosa is $1250. For summer this same room would be $910.
Yes. The president’s cabinet and other university leaders have kept local landlords informed of the upcoming changes.
For summer 2020, students currently residing in university housing will move from their spring semester housing to their summer housing on April 25 (the day after commencement). A new student with no current spring semester contract on campus can move into their summer housing on May 9.
Summer housing has three options: 1st session only, 2nd session only, or both sessions. For a 1st session student, the contract would run from May 9-June 23, for a 2nd session student, the contract runs from June 24-August 8, and a full summer student contract runs from May 9-August 8.
Yes, on a limited basis.
Yes. Email University Housing and they will accommodate your roommate request.
Students living on-campus during the fall/spring semesters will be able to move into their summer on-campus housing on the day their spring semester contract ends. For summer 2020, this is April 25, 2020.
Probably not. Students staying for summer semester will most likely need to relocate to an open building.
University Housing will take an application any time, and fill space based on vacancy.

Campus Life & Resources Questions

There is SO much to do in Cedar City over the summer! From exploring the world’s best backyard to attending shows at the Tony Award-winning Utah Shakespeare Festival, there is something for everyone. Plus, the student affairs offices are planning a calendar full of events, so stay tuned.
SUU Dining Services will accommodate the needs of summer enrollment. As the number of students on campus each summer grows, operating hours and options will also increase. In the initial year of operation, Chick-Fil-A and Outtakes will be open as they currently are during summers (Chick-Fil-A: 11am-2pm, Outtakes: 9am-12pm).
Yes. Resources have been allocated to keep the Tutoring Center open for extended hours beyond those usually available in the summer.
Yes. Resources have been allocated to keep the library open for extended hours beyond those usually available in the summer.
Yes. It is anticipated that clubs and other activities will be offered at a scale at or near those seen during fall and spring semesters.