Summer Semester

Featured Online Course: ANTH 1020

Are you fascinated by fossils? Do you love watching the monkeys at the zoo? Have you always wanted to know more about Neanderthals? Are you wondering how all of these things are connected? Take Biological Anthropology (ANTH1020) this summer, and you’ll find out!

Summer Semester


ANTH 1020 - Introduction to Biological Anthropology

  • 3 Credit(s)
  • Available: Maymester
  • 100% Online

ANTH1020 is completely online over Maymester. We will discuss the genetics of human variation, the
study of non-human primates, and the fossil record and its interpretation. Using an evolutionary
approach, we will attempt to understand modern humans from a naturalistic perspective. Join us for a
fast-paced and fascinating course!

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