Summer Semester

Environmental Biology BIOL 2500 (3 Credits):

What will Environmental Biology be like?

  • Frequent field trips, minimal classroom time
  • Includes 1-2 night free stay at SUU facility in Loa near the largest organism in the world
    (Pando the aspen grove) and Capitol Reef National Park
  • Learn first-hand how ecosystems work and how they change
  • Monitor water quality in local streams to help with long-term studies
  • Improve wildlife habitat in collaboration with local agencies

Biology and natural environment pictures

Who is Environmental Biology for?

  • Outdoor Recreation in Parks and Tourism - Outdoor Education Emphasis majors
  • Sustainability Studies minor
  • Anyone – no prerequisites

From the course catalog:

Course investigates diverse ecosystems found in southern Utah. Ecosystems will be used to learn about cycling of matter/energy, patterns, scale, proportion, the link between structure/function, cause/effect, and evidence of stability and change. Students will gather data about ecosystems, describe possible problems, the causation, and possible solutions.

Environmental Biology (BIOL 2500, 3 Credits)

9am-11:50am M-F     13 May - 31 May 2019

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Office: SC 131C   Email:

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