Summer Semester

Summer Financial Aid

Scholarships From SUU

SUU is proud to be able to offer partial tuition summer scholarships to a select number of students for Summer 2018. The awards are needs and credit-based and will vary in amount based on each approved student. The application period for Summer 2018 scholarships is currently closed. Please check back next spring semester for details on summer scholarship availability.

Additional scholarships may be available to students who meet certain eligibility requirements, such as transfer or returning students. A full list of current SUU scholarships is available from the SUU Financial Aid office.  

Federal Financial Aid

Federal financial aid awards may be used during the summer semester if you have not utilized all of your benefits for the school year yet. Summer semesters are considered part of the academic year for federal financial aid programs, meaning that many students may have additional benefits available without knowing. For example, eligible students who enroll for the first-time during summer semesters may be able to use FAFSA funding, as may students who enroll during spring semesters or take fewer than 12 credits in any fall or spring semester.

For assistance applying for FAFSA or accepting your FAFSA award, please visit SUU Financial Aid online.

To review your Student Aid Report and determine if you may have extra funding available for the summer, please log in to your FAFSA online portal.

Additional Assistance

For loan counseling or help determining whether student loans may be the best option to help you fund your summer semesters, please review SUU’s loan counseling information