Summer Semester

Guaranteed Summer Course List

This is a list of courses guaranteed to be offered for the next three summer semesters at Southern Utah University. This list is updated at least yearly. For student or faculty questions regarding adding, or removing courses, contact Jonathan Roberts , the summer coordinator. Information regarding compensation can be found below.

The list to make your four-year plan

**This is not a complete list of courses offered during the summer. Many courses are offered beyond those on the Guaranteed Course List. View all summer courses.

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SUU Summer Courses

Potential OER*


Prefix Number Title
  ACCT 2010 Accounting Principles
  ACCT 2020 Managerial Accounting
  ACCT 3100 Accounting Information Systems
  ACCT 3300 Cost
  ART 1050 Intro to Photography
  BIOL 1010 Intro to Biology
  BIOL 1020  Human Biology 
  BIOL 1610 General Biology I
  BIOL 1615  General Biology Lab I 
  BIOL 1620  General Biology II
  BIOL 1625  General Biology Lab II 
  BIOL 2060  Intro to Microbiology 
  BIOL 2065  Intro to Microbiology Lab 
  BIOL 2170  Intro to Human Pathophysiology 
  BIOL 2420  Human Physiology 
  BIOL 2425  Human Physiology Lab 
  CHEM 1010 Intro to Chemistry
  CHEM 1015 Intro to Chemistry Lab
  CHEM 1110 Elementary Chemistry
  CHEM 1115 Elementary Chemistry Lab
  CHEM 1120 Elementary Organic Bio-Chemistry
  CHEM 1125 Elementary Organic Bio-Chemistry Lab
  CHEM 1210 Principles of Chemistry I
  CHEM 1215 Principles of Chemistry I Lab
  CHEM 1220 Principles of Chemistry II
  CHEM 1225 Principles of Chemistry II Lab
  CHEM 2310 Organic Chemistry I
  CHEM 2315 Organic Chemistry I Lab 
  CHEM 2320  Organic Chemistry II
  CHEM 2325  Organic Chemistry II Lab 
  COMM 1010 Intro to Communication 
  COMM 3070 Communication Graphics
  COMM 3150 Nonverbal Communication 
  CSIS 1000 PC Intro to Computer Apps
  CSIS 2010  Computer Applications 
  ECON 2010 Principles of Microeconomics
  ECON 2020  Principles of Macroeconomics 
  ECON  2500  Quantitative Methods for Business & Econ 
  ECON  3010  Managerial Economics
  EDGE  1010  Becoming an Engaged Learner 
  EET  2750  PC Hardware
  ENGL 1010 Intro to Academic Writing
  ENGL 2010 Intermediate Writing 
  ENGL 990 Academic Writing Workshop 
  FIN 2870 Personal Finance
  FIN 3250 Managerial Finance
  FLHD 1500 Human Development Through the Lifespan
  FLHD 2400  Marriage & Family Relations 
  FLHD 2700  Consumerism & Family Finance in American Society 
  GEO 1050 Geology of National Parks
  GEO  1055 Geology Nathional Parks Lab 
  GEO  1090  How the Earth Works 
  GEO 1095  How the Earth Works Lab 
  GEO  4960  Field Geology 
  HIST 1700 American Civilization 
  LM  1010  Information Literacy
  LM  4190  Managing a Media Center
  MATH 1010  Intermediate Algebra
  MATH 1030  Contemporary Mathematics
  MATH 1040  Statistics
  MATH 1050  College Algebra
  MATH 1060  Trigonometry
MATH 1210 Calculus I
  MGMT 3180  Management & Organizations
  MGMT 3240  Human Resource Management
  MGMT  4200  Business, Government & Ethics
  MGMT  4950  Strategic Management
  MKTG  3010  Marketing Principles
  MUSC  1010  Intro to Music
  NFS  1020  Scientific Fundamentals of Human Nutrition
  NURS  3141  Fundamentals of Professional Nursing
  NURS  3261  Health Promotion of RN to BSN
  NURS  4361  Nursing Research for RN to BSN
  PE  1057 Yoga All Levels
  PE  1088  Circuit Weight Training
  PILT  1040  Aviation Orientation
  PILT  2340  CFI Ground School
  POLS  4300  ST: Politics & Film
  PSY  3600  Stress and Pain
  PSY  3700  Personality Theory 
  GOSC  4020  General Studies Capstone
  SCI  1010  Medical Terminology
  SPED  3030  Educating Exceptional Students 
  THEA 1023 Intro to Film 

*OER (Open Education Resource) courses have a free digital textbook, or low cost printable textbook. Faculty interested in adopting this free service may contact Rosie Liljenquist.


Full compensation is guaranteed for courses on this list, regardless of enrollment. Questions regarding compensation can be sent to Lisa Swanson, Business Manager, Academic Affairs.