Summer Semester

Top Reasons to Take Summer Courses

1. Shorter Classes: Did you know that you can complete a 20-week class in only five weeks during the summer semester? Summer courses are shorter, but classes are worth the same number of credit hours.

2. Graduate early: Research suggests students who take summer courses graduate earlier than students who do not. Get a jump-start on your education.

3. Master a difficult class: Many tough classes are offered during the summer, allowing you to focus your efforts and get the grades you need to move forward with your degree.

4. Fulfill degree requirements: Many upper division degree courses require pre-requisites. Finish these in summer so that you can stay on track during your fall and spring semesters. Many general education courses are also available in summer, making it easy to fulfill your core education requirements early.

5. Flexibility: If you’re attending college around work and family life, or planning on leaving Utah in the coming months, such as for a mission, SUU’s shorter summer sessions and flexible online courses can make it possible to advance your degree while still keeping up with your busy personal life.

6. Location and activities: Living in the backyard of the most prominent national parks in the country certainly has its perks, especially in the warm summer months. Also, thanks to the Utah Summer Games, Shakespeare Festival, and town events, Cedar City is an excellent place to stay during the summer months.

7. Pocket some cash: Many jobs are available in Cedar during the summer. Housing and tuition may also be cheaper. Check with Financial Aid for details.