SUUSA Elections

Important Dates

  • Information meetings for those interested in running will take place on Wednesday, January 17 from 11am-1pm in ST 174D, and Thursday, February 1 from 5-6pm in ST 172D
  • Mandatory Candidate Meetings on February 7 and February 14 from 12-1pm in the Sterling Church Auditorium
  • SUU Student Assocation Elections will take place February 26 - March 2

Election Results

Election Results are now available. Congratulations to all of the winning candidates.

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SUUSA Election Information

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2018 Candidates

Executive Council Candidates
D'Mia Lamar
D'Mia Lamar
Candidate for SUUSA President
Phone: 801-389-4978

I’m D’Mia Lamar, and I am ready to be your Student Body President! I am currently a junior double majoring in Political Science and Philosophy with a minor in Legal Studies. More importantly, I am a student who understands that the resources of our student government are best utilized when we can more fully engage the members of the SUU Student Association - YOU! Your insight, your ideas, and your concerns are absolutely necessary in order to effectively enhance the experience at SUU both inside and outside of the classroom. I am confident in being ready to represent you and your voice to our university administration, faculty, and SUUSA organization. I value greatly the opportunities this university has given me and am dedicated to expanding upon said opportunities for ALL students!

As your Student Body President I will...

  • Be Transparent and informative
    • I will keep you informed of ALL affairs in relation to OUR student fees and decisions being made that affect students/campus. Students should be aware of what’s going on at the university which includes not only the achievements of our administration and student government, but the struggles they may be facing as well.
  • Ensure your significance
    • I will make certain the significance of your ideas and input is understood and considered greatly. This will thereby ensure that your ideas and opinions influence the direction of SUU. It allows us to fulfill our objectives more effectively and strengthen the experience of ALL students. The concerns and voices of students need be recognized. Not only do our voices need be recognized, but action needs to be put behind that recognition, which I am ready to head.
  • Build upon the foundation
    • The 2017-2018 year was the first year the new SUUSA restructure was put into play. Within this one year a lot of work was done. Many issues were solved, many kinks were worked out and a solid foundation was laid for the new SUUSA restructure. Yet, there is more work to be done which is why I am determined to build upon this well laid foundation as opposed to starting anew. It is to the benefit of the students and the university for the Student Body President to be knowledgeable of past problems and solutions so that the same mistakes are not made and the same issues are not run into again. Yet, they mustn't be closed off to new ideas. Having been in SUUSA for the past two years, I have said knowledge. Still, I understand the benefit of change and highly encourage new insight!

I care about the experience students have at SUU. By electing me as your Student Body President, you will enable us to make important progress and ensure that our voices be heard. It is of the utmost importance to me to represent you honestly and diligently, listen closely to your concerns and serve the student body in the absolute best way possible!

For any questions and/or comments, I am always available at: 801-389-4978 or

Jon Baker
Jon Baker
Candidate for VP of Clubs and Organizations
Phone: 801-814-9638

I’m Jon Baker and I am ready to continue serving the student body as the Vice President of Clubs & Organizations. I am currently a Pre-Dental, Human Nutrition Major with minors in Chemistry and Business Management. As a fellow club president and member, I understand the struggles and successes that come with clubs on campus. My goal is to continue to simplify the processes of operating clubs across campus and increasing involvement and awareness for all of the great things that clubs do!

As your Vice President of Clubs & Organizations I will...

  • Simplify the Process
    • I will work to ensure that all clubs on campus know the resources that are available to them. Sometimes it can be very difficult to know what resources are available and I would like to change that. I plan on creating a booklet that is given to all of the club presidents, existing and new, that will cover all of the resources available and give clear answers to important questions. This will help them understand all of the potential resources at their disposal to succeed with their club goals.
  • Increase Awareness & Involvement
    • I plan on working closely with the SUUSA Marketing department and the Student Programming Board (SPB) to help show all of the students what clubs we have on campus, and get clubs involved with different events. The biggest event with club involvement currently is Paint the Town Red. While this is an awesome way to work with SPB to get students involved with clubs, it shouldn't be the only way. I want to make sure that more SPB events involve clubs. As far as marketing goes, clubs should know how they are able to get their name and events out. I plan on including this information within the booklet mentioned above.

I care deeply about the clubs at SUU and know how crucial being involved is to the overall college experience. I believe that it is important to build upon what has been accomplished this year, and make next year even better! I am excited to see how far we can go and continue to build the club community around campus.

For any questions and/or comments, please reach out to me at: 801-814-9638 or

Johnny Zillgitt
Johnny Zillgitt
Candidate for VP of Academics
Phone: 951-264-7915

My name is Johnny Zillgitt and I am very excited to be running to be the Vice President of Academics! I am a Computer Science major from Riverside County, California. Coming into my Senior year, I have had the opportunity to learn a lot from my experiences and time spent at this incredible school. My aim is to empower every student to reach the PEAK of their college career here! I want to help every student have their voice heard so we can spend our time and resources doing things that students actually want to see happen.

As your Vice President of Academics, I will:

  • Ensure you know who is representing you
    • With 4 Executive Council members, 8 academic senators, 8 interest group representatives, and 10 committee directors, there are a number of people that will work hard to make sure every student is represented on our campus. I will continue to hold monthly events that will give students the opportunity to meet the members of the SUU Student Association and give feedback on issues important to campus life.
  • Make sure your voice is heard
    • After getting an unprecedented number of mySUU Voice feedback form responses this past year, I want to continue the focus on getting real, meaningful feedback from students. If students want to make changes on campus, SUUSA is here to help them bring those dreams to reality.
  • Provide you with the most relevant information
    • It is important for students to know all about campus resources and the opportunities for them to succeed during their time at SUU and after they graduate. I plan to be in constant contact with college deans and other campus resources to share information that will most effectively help students succeed.

The students of SUU inspired me to care about what happens on our campus, and I will do my absolute best to inspire students to fight for the things they are passionate about. Students can make real changes here on campus, and I will fight to give them the opportunity to make those dreams come true.

If you have any questions, I’m available at: 951-264-7915 or

Caleb Paulson
Caleb Paulson
Candidate for VP of Finance
Phone: 801-708-9302

I am super excited to run for VP of Finance for the 2018-2019 academic year!

This is my third year at Southern Utah University, and I plan to graduate with a degree in Accounting. I’ve been super involved on campus my entire college life, ranging from sporting events to working for University Housing as a Resident Assistant for the last 2 years. I love SUU and I want to do my part to make it better for my peers and those who follow us.

Some of the things I have done to qualify for this position include:

  • Served on the Student Senate and the Budget and Finance Committee
  • Helped make changes to the current funding policy
  • Have a good idea of what has worked or not worked in the past and can bring that knowledge with me to the new committee
  • Judicious with how money is spent both personally and professionally

As Vice President of Finance, I will:

  1. Make funding requests and the policy easy to understand and accessible to all students. Student money should be available for Student use.
  2. Do my best to ensure that funding is distributed as fairly as possible, money will be spent wisely, and SUUSA will maintain a balanced budget.
  3. Ensure transparency regarding SUUSA funds, making it easier for students to see what their money is being used for.​

I believe that I am very qualified for the position of VP of Finance, and I will do my best to help SUUSA and Southern Utah University flourish and grow. I will do my best to represent the student body to the administration, not the other way around.

If you have any comments, questions, ideas, or concerns, feel free to reach out to me at or 801-708-9302. SUU needs your voice!

College Senator Candidates
Avery Malenius
Avery Malenius
Candidate for College of Science and Engineering Senator
Phone: 605-430-2085

Hello! My name is Avery Malenius, I am a Biology Pre- med Major, with a minor in chemistry and I am elated to be running for your COSE senator. Even though I’ve been attending SUU for 1 year, I have been exposed to some of the College of Science & Engineering issues that students have been facing and excited to figure out solutions. I am ready to be your representative.

As your COSE Senator I will...

  • Represent your Concerns
    • As your COSE senator, I will ensure that you have a voice in your college and feel like beneficial changes are being made. As a student myself I know it is important that my concerns and problems in the college would be addressed. And I am going to make your thoughts and opinions my top concern as your COSE senator.
  • Be Conspicuous and Transparent
    • As a student at SUU you deserve to understand what happens and what affect you. I will do my best to be transparent always inform you what's going to impact you. Students should be aware and knowledgeable about how decisions on a higher level impact your daily life.

If you have any questions, concerns, or thoughts, please feel free to contact me at 605-430-2085 or

Alexandra White
Alexandra White
Candidate for College of Humanities and Social Sciences Senator
Phone: 801-857-8681

Hello SUU, my name is Alexandra White and I am running to be your Senator of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. I will be entering my junior year here with a major in communications and a minor in marketing. Our university has offered a plethora of opportunities for me to grow as a student, friend, and leader. I hope to use the skills and experiences I’ve gained to better serve you.

As your HSS Senator, I will...

  • Encourage Unity
    • I will collect input from each department before making decisions that affect the entire college. This will be made possible by asking each of the seven departments to provide a representative that I can work with throughout the year in gathering feedback from students all across the college. This will also create more opportunities for HSS students to come together in working towards bettering the college as a whole.
  • Increase Awareness
    • I will ensure that HSS students are aware of what goes on within SUUSA and how it affects them as individuals. The goal is to create an informed public. I hope to create social media platforms specifically for HSS to promote awareness. This initiative will not only help students become aware, but faculty as well. With a new dean starting this upcoming school year, this could become imperative to her success in making changes happen within the college.

I want to better the College of Humanities and Social Sciences through unity and awareness. By electing me as your HSS Senator, you will be heard and made important. I value your honesty and will make sure you play a part in your government.

For any questions and/or comments, I am always available at: 801-857-8681 or

Ashlee Sizemore
Ashlee Sizemore
Candidate for College of Performing and Visual Arts Senator
Phone: 801-643-6451

Hello T-Birds! I am Ashlee Sizemore and I am ready to help each student here reach their Peak as your College of Performing and Visual Arts Senator! I am a freshman Dance Performance major and a member of the SUU Dance Team. I knew SUU was the place for me because of the amazing artistic environment it possesses. I am a dedicated student, performer, and leader and I cannot wait to use those qualities to better our college. I know I’m just beginning my incredible experience here at SUU, but I have loved every minute of my time here. I can see the bright future of our college and am ready to take charge and help the College of Performing and Visual Arts reach its Peak potential.

As your College of Performing and Visual Arts Senator I will…

  • Campus Connection
    • Our college is home to some of the most incredible artists, whose work deserves to be seen. As dedicated students and artists, we put hours of time into paintings, rehearsals, pottery, music, and performances. Often times, the word doesn’t get spread around campus as much as we would like it to for our events. As your CPVA Senator, I will create a strong marketing plan, and push for our college to become more connected around campus. I would like to see more usage of Toilet Times, digital signage, campus social media outlets, and interviews on Thunder 91.1. These are all ways we can get every student at SUU more involved in the amazing work the CPVA artists are producing.
  • Funding Outreach
    • While funds for CPVA have risen in recent years, I will make it my goal to continue the progression. With this only being the second year of the reorganized SUUSA, it will still be somewhat of a process to obtain funds. I will continue to push for our college to receive the funding outreach it deserves. I will seek out opportunities to fund the art we create so we are able to take it places and allow people outside our college to see it. While the College of Performing and Visual Arts is full of qualified viewers, we want the opportunity to give our art exposure outside of Southern Utah. As your CPVA Senator, I will make it my goal to get each part of our college the funds they need.

I am fully committed to the College of Performing and Visual Arts, and I care about each department within it. My goal is to unify each department and meet all the needs within our college. Whether you are a musician, graphic designer, actor, or arts administrator, I hear you, and I am here for you. Let me make the College of Performing and Visual Arts, reach its Peak in 2018.

For any questions, concerns, or comments, I am always available at: 801-643-6451 or

Hector Sanchez
Hector Sanchez
Candidate for School of Business Senator
Phone: 702-884-8527

I am Hector Ruben Sanchez and I am running for Business Senator. I am from Las Vegas, Nevada. I am in my sophomore year and I absolutely love SUU. I am majoring accounting and honestly, it’s been a perfect fit for me. The idea of being the new Business Senator for SUU is phenomenal. I am engaged and dedicated to make an impact in student government and helping students receive the resources they deserve. Pushing and fighting to make the school of business outstanding and it all starts here. Together we will reach our peak.

As the new Business Senator, I will..

  • Make innovation traditions
    • I want to start some traditions within the new business building! Something that Business students and others can enjoy and look forward to every year. There will be a lot of great resources that the new business building is providing so I want to make sure that we use them to the best of our abilities for students.
  • Plan business events and trips
    • We had a huge success with our LinkedIn event and I want to start implementing that to every fall semester with the addition of new events that will get students ahead and informed about certain “real life” situations in business. Events that can help our knowledge of networking, interview processes, and more.

I want to be the best Business Senator that SUU has ever had so far. I want to show how creative we can be when student government is taken serious and not just running for a title. I can only do that if everyone is fully supportive. Help me, help you. We are the future. If there is any questions or concerns or just want to chat, here is my contact information: 702-884-8527 or

Brooke Smith
Brooke Smith
Candidate for College of Education and Human Development Senator
Phone: 801-726-5907

I’m Brooke Smith and I look forward to helping you reach your PEAK potential as your Education Senator! I am majoring in Elementary Education with a Math Emphasis and I will be entering my senior year here at Southern Utah University. In the Education Program we get the unique opportunity to be more involved in local schools than any other University. Because I have had this unique opportunity as part of the College of Education I want to help ALL students take advantage of similar opportunities and experiences available to them on campus.

As your Education Senator I will…

  • Take Care of Your Concerns
    • I will listen to your ideas and concerns not only about the College of Education, but about SUU. I will take your concerns to the Senate Board and together we will come up with a way to improve the University and address your concerns. This means that YOU will have a say in what happens here at SUU. Your concerns will be directed carefully and personally by me for you. Because this is not my school it is OUR school your opinion matters to me and I want to hear directly from you how to improve our university and the College of Education!
  • Not Leave You in the Dark
    • I will let you know what is happening on campus and in the College of Education. Because you attend SUU and are apart of our community you deserve to know what happens on campus. I will be the person that keeps you informed. You will know the changes, understand the changes, and how they will affect you. They will improve OUR school and YOUR experience here at SUU!

Together we can make SUU the place where doors open and we can all reach our PEAK potential!

Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have at: 801-726-5907

Division Senator Candidates
Sunny Sims
Sunny Sims
Candidate for Upper Division Senator
Phone: 702-540-4532

I’m Sunny Sims, a junior Political Science and Criminal Justice major with a Legal Studies minor who would love to serve as your Upper-Division Senator. As a student who is highly involved on campus, I hear the needs and concerns the students of SUU might have. As I believe that the thoughts from the students are a top priority when it comes to governing the student body and giving the students on campus the best college experience.

What Can I Do for You

  • Represent You
    • As your Upper-Division Senator, I will ensure that the Juniors and Seniors on campus will have a voice. As a student myself, I believe that the university must hear our voices in order for our experience to be maximized. I plan on building relationships with students and student leaders so that I can hear as many ideas and thoughts that the student body has. It is my job to represent you and I am confident that I can positively do so.
  • Be Evident and Transparent
    • You as students at SUU deserve to know what is happening on campus. Not only will I invite you to discuss your thoughts and ideas, but I will invite you to understand the decisions being made on campus. Whether it be the success or struggles in student government, you deserve to know.
  • Bring a Unique Aspect
    • Although I have not participated in student government in my years at SUU, I have had the experience of being on the outside like most students on campus. I understand the concerns that many students have and I hope to bring a change to our student body government.

If you have any questions, concerns, or thoughts, please feel free to contact me at 702-540-4532 or

Porter Crofts
Porter Crofts
Candidate for Lower Division Senator
Phone: 818-517-1662

I am Porter Crofts, and I am running to be your Lower Division Senator! I am currently a Freshman and majoring in Political Science. As a student, I understand that student government is meant to work for you the students! SUUSA is meant to be a way for the students of SUU to get engaged and voice their wants, needs, and concerns of our fellow students. The way to make the SUU experience the best one possible begins with the right student government. As your Lower Division Senator I will be your voice and your representative in SUUSA and work as hard as I can to make this the best experience possible. I am confident, ready, and excited o represent you and your voice to our university administration, faculty, and SUUSA organization. Let's make this a great year together for all students!

As your Lower Division Senator I will…

  • Always be Transparent and Available
    • I will keep you informed of what is going on in SUUSA and the decisions being made that affect us as students as well as the campus. Students should always be aware of what’s going on at the university and always be able to reach their representatives. Availability and Transparency is key for effective student government and you will get exactly that from me as your Senator!
  • Build on Student Life
    • I will make sure that Student Life is grown and more engaging on campus. The significance of Student Life cannot be understated. When students enjoy being on campus and are having fun and being engaged it shows positive effects both in and out of the classroom. As your lower division senator I will work hard to make sure your ideas are heard and voiced. Together we will improve student life and make Suu the best experience possible!

I care deeply about all students and the experience of SUU. By electing me as your Lower Division Senator, you will be heard, valued, and respected. It is important to me for you to feel your voice is important on campus and that you see Student life improved here at SUU!

For any questions, comments or concerns, I am always available at: 818-517-1662 or

India Mack
India Mack
Candidate for Graduate Senator
Phone: 504-913-3752

MFA, Arts Administration 2019

Graduate School. You applied. You were accepted. And now you are on your way to a masters degree. Congratulations, I am excited and honored to be on this journey with you.

As Graduate Senator, I will ensure you have a voice on campus. I will do this by meeting with individuals from each graduate program in person and online. In these meetings, we will discuss the graduate school experience at Southern Utah University. I will note highlights, document suggestions, and bring any concerns to the attention of the Student Association to seek resolution. Whether it is facilities or resources, your interests will be my priority. Let me know how I can best serve you. I can be reached at 504-913-3752 or via email at

About me: I a mother of two. I received my BA in Theatre Arts and Speech Communication from Dillard University, where I served as an Ambassador and Student Government representative. I received my Early Childhood and Elementary Education teaching licenses from Holy Cross University. Both universities are in my hometown, New Orleans, Louisiana. My work experience includes teaching, stage management, and summer program implementation. In 2019, I plan to return to New Orleans and launch a performing arts high school, but my connection to SUU is forever.