The Student Activities Board (StAB) plans student activities on campus that will enhance the student experience and give opportunities to students to mingle and network. StAB coordinates Thunder Thursdays (1st and 3rd Thursday of EVERY month), Weekend Programming (First 6 weekends of Fall semester) and 6 major events which include:
  • Welcome Week (August 25-30) - to kick off the new school year!
  • Homecoming (Sept 8-13)- celebrate traditions and welcome back donors and alumni!
  • The Scream (October 31)- large scale Halloween experience!
  • Welcome Back Week (Jan 5-10)- start off the Spring semester just right!
  • Sunfest (April 13-17)- end of the year celebration!
  • Thunderbird Awards (April 18)- give recognition to outstanding students, staff, and faculty for prestigious awards and trophies!

Get to know your event directors!

Name Title
Kenten Pope Activities Vice President
Madi Maynard Event Director
Cami Anderson Event Director
Brandon Mahoney Event Director
Greg Donaldson Event Director
Sam Cress Event Director