Grace A. Tanner Center

Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Tanner Center Theme

Human Values and a Sense of Place: A philosophical approach to connections to place whether urban, rural, or wild

Each year the Tanner Center chooses a theme and centers its lectures and other activities on this theme. This year we explore the influence of place on human experience. Speakers and events will invite participants to consider what it means to have a sense of place, how that perspective shapes the values of individuals and communities, and why our connection to place may be changing in the modern world. In conjunction with the theme, the Tanner Center is collaborating with SUU’s Frehner Museum of Natural History to publish a guide to culturally significant plants that will be co-authored with the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah.

The 2018 theme was inspired in part by the Ted Talks "A Sense of Place" by Dana Gioia, and “The Five Senses of Place” by Seré Prince Halverson.

Event Schedule

All events are free. Registration is required for Dinner and Dialogues.