Grace A. Tanner Center

Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 Tanner Center Theme

Self, Community, and Human Values: Engaging with communities to explore avenues of outreach, enrich personal connections, and encourage positive change

Each year the Tanner Center chooses a theme and centers its lecture and other activities on this theme. This year we examine the influence of individuals on various populations through meaningful civic engagement and innovative outreach. At the core of this theme are the words of founder Obert Tanner: “In our present culture, where...‘values’ are much debated, the goodness of ordinary love, responsibility, and loyalty is not to be taken for granted.” 1 This year, speakers and events will invite participants to consider their sense of self in the context of the communities in which they participate and challenge them to respond by “taking the best from one’s culture, living those values authentically, and dedicating oneself to high moral purpose.” 2

1 One Man’s Journey in Search of Freedom, Obert C. Tanner, p. 22
2 Conscience and Community, “Summing Up,” L. Jackson Newell, p. 227

Event Schedule

All events are free. Registration is required for Dinner and Dialogues.