T-Fit Activity Groups

Sometimes a friend is all the push you need to get moving, or stay moving. The following Activity Groups are currently in full-swing motion, and we are always wanting more friends That Means You! to join us. Get in touch with the Group Contact to find out where and when the Group gets together to enjoy the Activity with fellow SUUans and friends. That's all there is to it! Being active has never been so fun or easy, so, get to movin' and a groovin'!

If your favorite Activity is not listed on the T-Fit Calendar and you are interested in helping start such a Group, just contact Wellness Coordinator, Renee Ballenger, at 435-865-8053 or ballenger@suu.edu with your ideas.

T-Fit Calendar

Any questions on What's Happening in T-Fit, contact Renee Ballenger , T-Fit Wellness Coordinator, 435-865-8053.