Dan Bennion is excited about supporting any and all SUU employees and their spouses who would like to execute some cross-training in the Harris Center weight room over the noon hour, Monday thru Friday, except holidays. Dan will be on-hand the whole hour, with: a suggested Workout-of-the-Day program; professional advice and guidance on the proper use of the weight equipment to help you enjoy a personalized, optimum workout; and a lot of warm encouragement. Questions or Comments? Contact Dan, at benniond@suu.edu or 865.8500

This group meets Monday-Friday (except holidays)

High Noon Testimonials

"I was scared at first. Afterall, Dan Bennion is a football coach. But I love it now. Dan is so patient. He never gets mad at me. Even when I tell him I hate him. 'Cuz the work is hard. But it works. 'Cuz look at me, I look good. So people should give it a try."

"Weight training is going really well. Ben keeps it short and sweet and we DO get a workout! Wow, it is really hard most days! It's challenging and rewarding to folks like me who've never done anything like this."