A Bachelor’s Degree in 3

Sometimes college can feel like an obstacle course. SUU’s Three-Year Degree program creates a shortcut for students, speeding up the time to graduation so you can get a year of your life back to work professionally, travel, jumpstart into grad school, or whatever you want!

Save Time

Shave off a year of your education and speed up your graduation.

Save Money

Trade two summers of a minimum wage job for a year of professional salary.

Start Your Career

We will set you on a path to success, not stand in your way.

Soar Sooner With A Degree In 3

All of SUU’s semesters follow the same tuition rate, with one notable exception: all undergraduate students receive the resident (in-state) tuition rate in summer semester, regardless of whether you are an out-of-state student or not. This means that staying for summer semesters could save you a lot of money and help you finish your degree faster.