Research and Scholarship Defined

UGRASP at Southern Utah University defines undergraduate research and scholarship as those inquiry-based activities/projects which satisfy the following criteria:

  1. The project must make an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline
    There needs to be some type of original product from the project.  For example funds for completing a class assignment is not a valid project.
  2. Students must demonstrate at least partial ownership of the project.
    UGRASP will not provide funding for students to simply work on a project assigned by a faculty member.
  3. The student must engage with the academic history of the discipline in which they are working.
  4. The project must be presentable in the format accepted by professionals within the discipline in which the student is working.
    Not all projects are required to be presented at a professional meeting, but the project should be of a form mimicking those in the chosen discipline.

To satisfy the last criteria, students may disseminate the results of their project/activity via any of the following methods:

  • Department symposium
  • SUU's annual Festival of Excellence
  • Local, Regional, National, or International conference/meeting/expo
  • Campus publication
  • Off-campus publication (not peer-reviewed)
  • Off-campus publication (peer-reviewed)