Prairie dog

The Utah Prairie Dog Oversight Group (UPDOG) formerly known as UPDRIP (Utah Prairie Dog Recovery Implementation Program) establishes a multi-agency cooperative effort intended to implement the USFWS Recovery Plan by coordinating and facilitating the recovery of the Utah prairie dog while balancing and accommodating land uses and needs of the human population within the species range. 

Several existing ongoing initiatives fall under the "umbrella" of UPDOG, while Partners also work to produce new cooperative projects on the ground to expedite recovery of the UPD and provide assistance to local landowners.

In addition, UPDOG provides the option to incorporate conservation and recovery actions for other native species within the range of the Utah prairie dog to the extent that such actions are consistent with the program goals.

Specifically, UPDOG goals are to:

Goal 1: Recover the Utah prairie dog so that it no longer requires protection under the Endangered Species Act; and

Goal 2: Allow for existing land uses and continued growth and development within the historic range of the Utah prairie dog.

 Current Events 

  • UPDOG partners meet every other month. The next meeting will be held September 19, 2017 in Cedar City.