Frequently Asked Questions

9 credits for the full summer session is full time. 4 credits for the first or second session is full time per session. If someone is in 3 credits for the full session, think of it as 1.5 credits for the first and second session. E.g. a student is in 3 credits full session, 3 credits first session and 1 credit second session. You split the full session in half so that is 1.5 credits for the first session along with the 3 credit first session class for a total of 4.5 credits (which is full time). The other half of the full session class (1.5 credits) plus the 1 credit class is 2.5 credits. That will qualify the student for half BAH.

Note: The PELL grant from the school requires a student to be in 12 credits to receive full PELL.

You will need to take placement tests for English and Math at the Testing Center in the Electronic Learning Center, Room 211 to be placed into the correct course. Hours for specialized tests due to the COVID-19 are as follows: M W: 9am - 3pm, T R: 11am - 5pm. You can call the center at 435-586-7715 (please leave a message if someone is unavailable) or email to make an appointment.

Accuplacer English Placement Tests for SUU students are available on campus at the SUU Specialized Testing Center (ELC 211-second floor) or off campus at an approved REMOTE university or college or at home using virtual proctoring. Visit Specialized Testing for Accuplacer Remote information and call 435-865-8113 to arrange a remote exam.

SUU Students taking Accuplacer English at the SUU Testing Center -- $15.00 each.

You MUST provide a hard copy receipt to prove payment before testing or pay when you come to test.

Students may not attempt the Accuplacer exam more than 3 times in one academic year and must have at least one week between each attempt. Additional attempts are also subject to a $15.00 fee.

ALEKS Placement, Preparation and Learning Assessment (ALEKS PPL) is used to determine a student’s readiness to take math courses at SUU.

Go to your portal APPS section and click on the "Testing Center Exams" link. Select the "ALEKS Math" button. Select the green "$30.00 checkout" button under "Ready to take the assessment?" heading. After entering and confirming your credit card payment information, you will be redirected into the ALEKS platform.

The $30 fee gives students access to 5 total ALEKS assessments and 12 months of access to both the learning modules and the placement exams.

In order to place into a higher-level math course, the learning modules can be used to improve your math skills. Students have 12 months of access to the Prep and Learning Module.

You can take the placement assessment a total of 5 times. There is a 24 hour wait period in between the time you can take each assessment. A minimum of 5 hours must be spent in the Prep and Learning Module before you can take additional assessments beyond the initial assessment. The highest score is used to place you in the appropriate math course. Only a proctored assessment can count for math placement.

In order to change a placement result, a new assessment must be taken, and a higher score achieved.

You can go onto and choose the “Apply now for VA healthcare” and scroll down to where it says “Start your application without signing in”.

To fill out this application, you’ll need your:

  • Social Security number (required)
  • Copy of your military discharge papers (DD214 or other separation documents)
  • Financial information—and your dependents’ financial information
  • Most recent tax return
  • Account numbers for any health insurance you currently have (such as Medicare, private insurance, or insurance from an employer)

Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership (VITAL). VITAL program aids student veterans in adjusting to the academic setting, helps them overcome obstacles that might impede academic success, and supports them in completing their educational goals. They help with healthcare enrollment, providing referrals to the school and community for disability, tutoring, mental health and counseling to name a few. Telehealth appointments with a VA counselor is even available right at the university in the Veteran Resource and Support Center.

To learn about certifying your courses view the SUU Veterans Resource Center How to Guide PDF.
To learn about filling out a Residency Application view the SUU Veterans Resource Center How to Guide PDF.

Should you need any assistance with the above mentioned services, please contact the Veteran Resource Success Specialist, Amy Ellington. She will refer you to the VITAL team about your needs and they will reach out to you.